Energy Ecoating Series

The products use E-coating which can generate Far Infrared Rays (4-14um). It can deeply osmose the skin, activate the tissue in the body, generate warmth effect and Blood Molecular Resonance.



產品採用7K Foam環保複合材料,具有高透氣性與高彈力特性,以人體工學原理設計剪裁,具吸汗、排汗效果。
同時添加美國 AEGIS防霉抗菌處理技術,這是目前唯一得到美國環境保護局 EPA註冊核可的防霉抗菌劑,其成份不傷害人體亦不影響環境生態。
產品採用7K Foam環保複合材料,具有高透氣性與高彈力特性,以人體工學原理設計剪裁,具吸汗、排汗效果。
產品採用7K Foam環保複合材料,具有高透氣性與高彈力特性,以人體工學原理設計剪裁,具吸汗、排汗效果。
同時添加美國 AEGIS防霉抗菌處理技術,這是目前唯一得到美國環境保護局 EPA註冊核可的防霉抗菌劑,其成份不傷害人體亦不影響環境生態。


• These energy brace products are made of 7K Foam as the main material that offers ergonomic fit and are perfect for perspiration control. Can be lined with silver fabric , incorporated with moisture control (wicking) / anti mildew / antibacterial features.
• An E-coating technology is used to apply tourmaline powder onto the product. The far infrared function has significant benefits for physical exercise and healthcare.
• High resilience, stretchable,breathable, cushioning effect, shock absorption.
• It is the only anti-mildew and antibacterial agent registered with EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) and approved to be harmless to human body and environmentally friendly.

People who have to stand for a long time, sit up, fixed in certain posture, carry heavy stuff or who had sport injuries.

• Varicosity
• Worryingto be affected by electromagnetic wave
• Poor circulation
• Muscle stiffness and soreness
• People who care about daily health care
• The elderly or the weak

Proper cleaning and maintenance can prolong the brace’s lifespan. Please follow the recommended cleaning instructions to wash the product.

• Fasten the Velcro straps in place and place the product in a wash bag before putting in a washing machine. Alternatively, place it in a basin with neutral detergent and warm water; soak for 30 minutes before rinsing with water.
• Do not wring dry the product; please use a towel to soak up excess water and place it in a cool place to air dry. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

1. If you are using the product for the first time, it is advised that you remove the brace after 1~2 hours to let your muscles recover gradually. If you feel any discomfort during use, please stop using the product immediately.
2. Users with seasonal allergies or hereditary skin disorders should consult a family physician before using the product.
3. Users with bleeding wounds should wait until the wounds are healed before using the product.
4. In order to achieve optimal benefits, users with serious conditions should select the most appropriate product based on their symptoms after receiving an evaluation by a professional physician.
5. The product is not suitable for pregnant women and infants.
6. This is a personal hygiene product. In order to maintain personal hygiene and safety, it cannot be returned or replaced once the packaging has been opened.
7. Please do not store the product in a place with high temperatures, moisture or direct sunlight exposure to prevent deterioration.
8. When you discover any flaw on the exterior of the new product, you can return the product or get a replacement before it is used.

Far Infrared Average Emissivity Tests Ministry of Health and Welfare MD License No. 004768


•靜脈曲張               •擔心電磁波影響               •血液循環不良
•肌肉僵硬酸痛           •注重日常保健者               •老年或體弱者
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